EMS host first Isaac Physics CPD Course

Posted: 17 March 2015

On Monday the 16th of March, we hosted our first Isaac Physics course for A-level maths and physics teachers from across the South-West. This new five-year project, that is funded and supported by the Department of Education (DfE) aims to provide teachers with the knowledge and resources to teach advanced mathematics in a physics context; giving the ability to develop students’ expertise in problem solving, preparing them for applying for STEM based degrees at highly-selective universities across the UK.

Teachers from across the South West joined EMS staff and members of the Isaac team to work through challenging physics problems on the topic of vectors and exponentials and were introduced to more advanced arithmetic involving vectors that, in turn, can be used to stretch, challenge and inspire the most able and enthusiastic sixth-forms students.

EMS is committed to continuing professional development for maths and physics teachers throughout the South-West and regularly organise free events to this effect. Through the sharing of resources and ideas as standard practise EMS hopes to promote the continued study of mathematics and help improve the mathematical experiences received.

Click here for information on upcoming teacher’s CPD events at EMS.

Isaac Physics Day (2)

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