Welcome to our dedicated page for Alumni and Friends of EMS.

As a relatively young school, we don’t yet have a vast alumni, but the students that have joined our school since it first opened in 2014 have certainly left their mark: current students are benefiting from the fantastic community spirit that you established, the energy that you put into making EMS as good as it could be and the return visits many of you have made to share your experiences.

We’re keen to stay in touch and to develop a vibrant and connected alumni community.  Our motivation is threefold.  Firstly, we’d love to know how you’re getting on; we take great pleasure in updates you provide and we’re excited to discover what your future holds.  Secondly, we would like future EMS students to benefit from, and be inspired by, your knowledge and experience.  Finally, we want you to continue to feel part of EMS and to benefit from your connection to the school.  Through alumni events and networking, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy being part of a vibrant community, enthusing and encouraging one another.

In addition to our students, there are others who have been a significant part of EMS: members of staff, volunteers, parents, governors, business contacts, the list goes on.  Supporters are all welcome to join our Friends of EMS network to receive regular news and updates about the school.

We’re at the very beginning of establishing these networks and welcome your thoughts and ideas.  You can sign up to join our network or let us know your news by using the links below.

We look forward to hearing from you!


1. Join the community

Keep in touch with us and the wider EMS family.


EMS Alumni

If you’re an EMS leaver, click here to sign up to join the network.


Friends of EMS

For other friends of EMS (parents, carers, business contacts etc), please click here.


If you have any queries or would like any further info, please email us or telephone the school on 01392 429020.

2. Stay involved

We’re always looking to engage with former students who want to be involved with the school and to support what’s going on at EMS at the moment.  Please get in touch if you’d like to be part of any of the following:

  • Inspire
  • Year 12 careers/university information days
  • Outreach activities with younger students
  • Contributing to our alumni magazine/newsletter
  • Any other great ideas!

Inspiring and supporting our students is part of what makes EMS so great; we really appreciate any time you may be able to give.

3. Your story

Have you got any news to share with us?  Big or small, we’d love to hear from you!  Anything from a new career opportunity to a snippet of Maths chit-chat, keep us in the loop as to how things are going for you.

Click here to give us the details.

Alumni Profiles

Our alumni careers profiles aim to inspire the next generation of mathematicians from the South West.  We will regularly post new profiles which can be viewed on this page.  Our archive of profiles can be accessed via the links to the right.

If you’re a member of our alumni and are willing to be added to our series of profiles, please email us:

Alumni Spotlight

Fiona completed a work placement with the government operational research service at the Home Office. Find out more, here. 

Triangle mountains