Snackable Maths

Every term we publish our regular Snackable Maths problems on social media – a little taster of the kind of fun, unexpected maths you’ll encounter at Exeter Maths School.  Some of these puzzles will require more thought than others, you might want to work on them over a few days or longer.  We recommend that you take time to digest the problems before gobbling up the solution videos!

To get a first-hand flavour of the Exeter Maths School experience, look out for our Taster Days this autumn.

Maths Snack 5 – The Problem

Maths Snack 5 – The Solution

Maths Snack 4 – The Problem

Maths Snack 4 – The Solution

Maths Snack 3 – The Problem

Maths Snack 3 – The Solution

Maths Snack 2 – The Problem

Maths Snack 2 – The Solution

Maths Snack 1 – The Problem

Maths Snack 1 – The Solution

Triangle mountains