Crafty Maths

In this series we share a selection of craft projects with a maths twist, or perhaps some maths projects with a crafting twist – you decide.  They involve a range of skills from knitting and crocheting to cutting, folding and colouring in.  Many have a link to some interesting maths which you may like to explore.  From creating a Klein Bottle to knitting a Pi Scarf – there’s something for experienced and new crafters alike, for those with a passion for maths and others who are simply curious.

If you feel inspired to give any of these activities a go, we’d love to hear from you and see what you produce.  You can email photos of your finished projects to

Happy crafting!

Mobius Strip with an Intrinsic Twist

Click on the image above for our first crafty recipe card.

We also have a video to show you step by step.

Seven Colour Torus Puzzle

Click on the picture above for our recipe card.

You’ll also need this net to complete the puzzle.

Don’t look too soon, but here are the solutions.

EMS Blanket

Click the image above for the full recipe card.

There are two videos to help you with the triangles and we also have a helpful Geogebra file and spreadsheet to support you in exploring the maths of this project, or to change the blanket size.

Seven Colour Torus Cushion

The maths behind this project is described in the Seven Colour Torus Puzzle recipe card, so you might want to read that first.  Click on the image for the full recipe card.

You will need this template for the pattern.

Pi Scarf

Warning!  This project may be infinitely long…

Click on the image above for the recipe – up to you when this one ends!

Klein Bottle and Projective Plane

You might want to explore the ideas in the Mobius Strip project before attempting this one. Click on the image above for the recipe card.

You’ll also need this net for the Klein Bottle and this net for the Projective Plane.

We’ve also got a neat Geogebra file to enable you to rotate a Klein Bottle in 3D: Rectangular Klein Bottle – GeoGebra.

Algorithmic Knitting

Another project that is potentially of infinite area.  Unlike the Pi Scarf, you’re going to have to decide just how far to go right at the start.

Click on the picture for our recipe card.  We’ve also got a series of videos to help you along the way.

Unzippable Klein Bottles

The final in our series of three.  Take as look at the Mobius Strip and the first Klein Bottle activities before attempting this project.

Click on the picture for our recipe card.


No, this is not what happens when knitting goes wrong!

Click on the image for the recipe card.

Non-Euclidean Crochet

Four projects in one.

Crochet a Hyperbolic Shawl, an Euclidean Surface, a Hyperbolic Surface and an Elliptic Surface.

Click on the picture for all the recipes.

Reverse Bob Minimus

Bell ringing, maths and knitting – what more could you desire?!

Click on the image for our recipe card.

You may also find these videos helpful.

That’s all folks…

Or at least that’s all for now.  Claire has at least another three in mind.  Click on the picture above to read more about her inspiration for these projects.

Perhaps you’ve got a suggestion too?  Share your ideas by emailing

Triangle mountains