2023 Results

Headline Figures

The data summarised below is that used by the government when comparing schools in league tables.

Further details, including some of our students’ stories can be read here.

Pass Rate: 99%

Retention: 97.1%

Average Grade: A- (45.4)

Average of Best 3 Grades: A- (45.8)

Proportion of High Grades (A*, A or B): 78.4%

Proportion of A* or A grades: 58.2%

Progress (value added) Score:  This score was not included in our data as students GCSE grades were teacher assessed.


For us, this is the most important measure; are our students achieving better than would be expected based on their prior performance?

In 2023 the Value Added scores were not included in our data as the students GCSE grades were teacher assessed.  However, when progress measures were last reported, in 2019, we confirmed the following:

We can say a resounding “Yes”.  All groups of students achieved positive Value Added Scores, on average achieving over three quarters of a grade higher per subject than expected based on achievement in GCSEs and over a whole grade higher in Mathematics.

Destinations 2023

Headline Figures


of students have secured places at University or have work or training


of students have firmly accepted places at University, including degree apprenticeships


of students are attending Oxbridge

University DestinationNumberPercentage
Imperial College London12%
SOAS University of London12%
St Andrews12%
West of England12%
Degree Apprenticeship OrganisationNumber
Schneider Electric1
University SubjectNumberPercentage
Discrete Mathematics12%
Physics with Astrophysics37%
Natural Sciences25%
Theoretical Physics12%
Earth and Planetary Sciences12%
Mathematics and Computer Science25%
Mathematics and Philosophy12%
Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science B4SW12%
Mathematics and Physics12%
Computer Science and Mathematics12%
Chinese and Linguistics12%
Accounting and Finance22%
Computer Science511%
Cyber Security12%
Cyber Security and Forensic Computing12%
Computer Science with Cyber Security12%
Mechanical Engineering/Naval Engineering25%
Aerospace Engineering25%
Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering12%
Zoology with Primatology12%

This table does not include the 3 students doing university apprenticeships.

Previous Results

Pass rate99%100%100%100%100%100%
Retention rate97.1%97%100%100%100%100%
Average GradeA- (45.4)A (48.8)A- (48.2)A- (45.0)B+ (44.3)B+ (43.4)
Average of best 3 gradesA- (45.8)A (49)A (49.2)A- (46.8)A- (45.9)B- (45.1)
Proportion of high grades (A*, A or B)78.4%87%91%83%81%79%
Proportion of A/A* grades58.2%67%69%63%59%51%
Proportion achieving AAB or higher in at least two facilitating subjects53.3%71%71%56%56%49%
Progress score (value added)N/AN/A0.790.590.550.45

Ofsted Inspection 2017

Ofsted Outstanding

The school’s first full inspection took place from the 24th to the 26th January 2017. Ofsted have judged the school to be Outstanding in all categories.

A copy of the full report is available on the Ofsted website.

Overall effectiveness – Outstanding

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management – Outstanding

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment – Outstanding

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare – Outstanding

Outcomes for Learners – Outstanding

16 to 19 Study Programmes – Outstanding

  • The school’s core vision and values, as established at its foundation by Exeter University and Exeter College, are meticulously designed to cultivate the talents of young mathematicians and scientists.
  • As a result of the culture that governors and senior leaders have developed, learners and staff pursue their passion for mathematics and science creatively by experimenting, challenging, debating and collaborating with each other.
  • Senior leaders use frequent discussions about teaching, insightful feedback and effective professional development to ensure that teaching is of the highest quality.
  • Senior leaders successfully recruit young people who have not previously had the opportunity to fulfil their potential in mathematics and science. They use the temporary grant for bursaries well to recruit learners who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Currently, the number of female learners is slightly below that of males.
  • The school provides very good residential accommodation for learners who cannot travel daily to the school; as a result, learners improve their independence and ability to care for themselves.
  • Learners make excellent progress and secure A-level grades well above those expected, given their prior achievement.
  • Outstanding teaching, learning, assessment and support ensure that learners develop high levels of confidence and enthusiasm for their studies and that they work hard to achieve excellent problem-solving skills.
  • All learners progress to university or into employment befitting the skills and knowledge they have developed at Exeter Mathematics School.
  • Learners undertake inspiring projects that extend their skills and knowledge significantly beyond the demands of their A-level courses.
  • The excellent projects set by industry and academics ensure that learners develop the ability to work independently, carry out research assiduously and present their findings confidently.
  • Teachers and support staff employ their excellent knowledge and understanding of each learner to provide outstanding pastoral and academic support, which contribute to learners’ excellent attainment of high grades in examinations, and significantly improve their personal skills.

Inspection of Residential Provision – March 2023

This was the school’s second inspection of residential provision and took place from the 21st to the 23rd March 2023.

The inspection findings were aligned to our own self assessment and we were found to be Outstanding in all categories.

A copy of the full inspection report will soon be available on the Ofsted website.

Overall experiences and progress of young people – Outstanding

How well young people are helped and protected – Outstanding

The effectiveness of leaders and managers – Outstanding

  • Students thrive in a welcoming and inclusive boarding environment.  They say they would ‘absolutely’ recommend boarding at this college.
  • Staff nurture students’ interests and help them achieve balance with their academic commitments.
  • Students in boarding accomplish excellent education outcomes.
  • The voice of students is highly valued…Students treat each other with respect and support those who are less confident to have their voice heard.
  • [Parents] say that their children develop the skills they need to live independently and that staff achieve a balance between pastoral care and giving young people independence.
  • Pastoral welfare has a high priority in the boarding provision.
  • Staff proactively support students to develop  their understanding of important issues such as mental health and healthy relationships.
  • Leaders create and inspire a culture of acceptance and inclusion.
  • The holistic package of support created in response [to social and emotional challenges of students] is transformational for their futures.
  • A culture of learning, development and improvement is evident throughout the whole provision.
  • Governors support the drive for continuous development through their oversight
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