Why Get Involved?

Being involved with Exeter Maths School means having an impact: through the opportunities you provide you will change lives.  We’re developing tomorrow’s leading problem solvers, and we want you to provide them with the connections and experiences that will take them down engaging and rewarding career paths.  Whether that be by working directly with our students, supporting our outreach work, or advising on curriculum innovation, you can make a difference.


How Can You Help?

You can provide unique, transformational opportunities for students in various ways:


Charitable Donations

If you are keen to support Exeter Maths School’s mission, you can do so by making a charitable donation.  This will enable us to sustain and expand the opportunities we afford our students and others across the South West.  Whether you’d like to support an outreach programme, our student support, the enriched curriculum or provide a flexible gift, we’d be delighted to hear from you.  To find out more or start a conversation, please email finance@exeterms.ac.uk.



Our partners are engaged with us in a two-way conversation. We provide ways for you to engage with our talented and diverse students and alumni, you provide opportunities for the in particular:


Exeter Maths Certificate (EMC)

The Exeter Maths Certificate is an opportunity for meaningful collaboration between students at EMS and industry and academic partners. Through this programme, students at the school complete collaborative research projects guided by professionals in industry as well as by academics at the University of Exeter. The projects support students to gain direct experience of doing research and develop skills in collaboration, communication, self management, use of resources and love of learning.

Project briefs are set by industry representatives, who also support the students by providing a project brief and meeting with them to expand on it.  They stay in touch over the course of the project, which culminates in students visit the workplace to pitch their solution and present their written project report.  Industry partners are supported by EMS staff to develop the project brief and by working together, our staff are up skilled in knowledge of industry expectations.

We have several successful industry partners including Dyson, the Met Office,  GCHQ, Atass Sports, JBA Consulting, NHS and Natural England , setting projects across mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science. Projects are a powerful vehicle for students to develop employability skills and for them to be inspired into careers they may not have otherwise considered but the benefits are two way:  project mentors get to work with bright, talented young minds who may grow to be interested in opportunities at your organisation in the future, give something back in an interesting and rewarding way, and network with a range of mathematically and scientifically orientated organisations.

If you’d like to explore being involved in this, please email our lead teacher for EMC, Ed: edhorncastle@exeterms.ac.uk


Internships and Career Opportunities

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented backgrounds are often seeking to expose themselves to the world of work at a young age, to explore the potential ways they might apply their unique set of skills in the future.

We are always looking for organisations who are interested in providing internships either over the summer holidays or, targeted at our growing alumni community, more substantive opportunities in gap year.  For example, following their excellent EMC project work, the National Hydrographic Office, provided a summer internship to one student.  Both Dyson and GCHQ have recruited our students to Degree Apprenticeships, following experiences they had with them whilst at school.

If you’d like to offer such opportunities, please get in touch by emailing careers@exeterms.ac.uk


Visiting Speakers

Much of what we do is to seek to inspire our student’s futures and a big part of this is exposing them to the vast range of opportunities that are already out there. We have a regular speaker programme with a high attendance from students, focusing on speakers from diverse backgrounds who are working in mathematically rich fields. Visiting Exeter Maths School to give a talk is easy to arrange and a great starting point for your potential partnership with the school.

If you’d like to be involved, please email careers@exeterms.ac.uk.


I’m in!  What next?

You may, of course, have your own ideas about how you can support our education – we’re always keen to learn from industry to ensure our students are prepared for their future.  If you’d like to share your thoughts or just touch base about the best way forward, please email events@exeterms.ac.uk.


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