Christmas Lectures 2015 Video Clips

Posted: 9 January 2016

Finding a Uniform Mesh of Sphere by Rowan Preston, Hannah Wood, Harry Porter, Ruairi Fox, Nils Langlois-Cannon and Mark Paul

Solar Storms & Doomsday by Charles Powell, Zoe Grigg, Henry Palmer, Ted Stokes, Roland Whiteley and Jevan Cockbain


Periodic & Aperiodic Functions by Conrad Ludgate, Tim Parker, Mark Palmer, Rebecca Ashton, Bryn Thomas and Joe Ord


The Mathematics of Sudoku by Gabryel Mason-Williams, Sam Cooper, Oliver Tucker, Max Thomas and Isaac Stephens


Tolstoy’s Integration Metaphor: Philosophy and Mathematics by Susan Ross, Mia Keast, Gabriel Newman, Matt Lobb, Bryn Englehary and Lewis Day


How Things Spread: The Expansion of the Universe by Cayenne Matt, Jack Gooding, Nathan Parsons, Imogen Handford and Lily Ward


Meshing A Sphere by Sam Cressall, Owain Elliott, Dan Ley, Jacob Court and Emily Keenan


The Fourier Transform by Ada Carpenter, Alex Rowan-Smith, Alicja Bochnacka, Lena Steinberg and Marley Chinn


Impact by Phoebe Killen, Natalie Englehart, Kieran Doe, George Cooper and Bea von Eichstorff

Triangle mountains