Consultation on expanding the EMS catchment area

Posted: 1 September 2021

There’s a network of maths schools opening up in the coming years and it leaves a big whole in provision for the South West.  We’re very short on space in our current building and it’s starting to limit our activities.  These are just two of the reasons we would like to expand our catchment area, increase student numbers and move into a larger building.

We’ve been thinking carefully about this for a long time and are now ready to consult with you.  You can read more about our plans and the rationale for them here: Exeter Maths School | Our Story ( On the same page, you can respond using our online consultation form and book a place at a meeting in which we will discuss our plans further.

The consultation runs from Wednesday 1st September to Tuesday 12th October, so there’s plenty of time to consider our ideas and have your say.

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