EMC and Curriculum X Awards Ceremony

Posted: 10 July 2023

On Monday 26th June we celebrated Year 13 achievements in their EMC and Curriculum X projects with our annual awards ceremony hosted by the University of Exeter.  It was a fantastic event, attended by Year 13 students, their parents and guardians, university and EMS staff.  Gihan Marasingha, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Exeter, presented the awards on behalf of Professor Tim Quine and spoke enthusiastically about the importance of EMS to the university.

The EMC programme has been designed to bridge the gap between Sixth Form and university study and provides them with the skills necessary to succeed in their next steps.   Students work with academics from the University of Exeter, researching a problem and presenting their projects as a formal poster and a talk at our Christmas Lectures in Year 12 and at our EMC Conference in Year 13. Students also work closely with companies such as GCHQ, the MET Office, JPA Consulting, BMT Global, Dyson, ATASS, Stantec and Spirent Communications.  It was particularly exciting this year to see students being able visit companies in person.   Further information on the EMC programme can be found at the following link – Exeter Maths School | Exeter Mathematics Certificate (exetermathematicsschool.ac.uk)

Curriculum X, sponsored by XTX Markets, is an extra course for students in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science with some cross-curricular links.  There is a number of courses to choose from including Ethics in Tech, Limits, Knot Theory, Circular Motion and The Nature of Light.  Students can study up to 10 modules.   Courses are taught by either an EMS teacher or an academic from the University of Exeter or the University of Bath.  Further information on the Curriculum X programme can be found at the following link –  Exeter Maths School | Curriculum X (exetermathematicsschool.ac.uk)


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