Kings-Exeter Mathematics Competition: 2014 Presentation at the MET Office

Posted: 22 November 2014

Presentation - RHSB

(From L-R: Dave Underwood, David Johnstone, Isabelle Philpotts, Meiru Qian, Gemma Bedford, Dominic Soares, Kerry Burnham)

On Monday, 17th November the winning team from Exeter joined the winning team from London to visit the MET Office where they saw the new Cray Supercomputer being installed, heard all about the fascinating and deeply mathematical work that the MET Office do, and even completed a challenge involving ensemble calculations (which we are told are the future of weather prediction).

Dave Underwood, Deputy Director of Technology and Information Services, who presented the winning teams with their prizes, was delighted by the videos: “Some of our very best scientists are those who can stand between the difficult ideas and the world at large, and can explain clearly the underlying ideas. This is so much harder than it seems, is so important, and has been done so very well by these students”.

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