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  • Emily

    Joined EMS: 2017

    Former School: The Park Community School

    School Type: 11 – 16 state school

    County: Devon

    Studied in addition to Maths and Further Maths: Chemistry

    What are your hobbies and interests?

    Music! I play violin, piano and guitar. Although, I guess maths is more the hobby now… I’ve started at Royal Welsh this year on violin and I absolutely love it here. I also love to do art and dance lessons in my free time.


    Tell us about the extra-curricular activities you took part in whilst at EMS

    The music department at Exeter college is brilliant! I took part in both the full orchestra and the string ensemble and it really helped me to progress as a violinist during my time at EMS. Not exactly extra-curricular, but I miss the piano in Wiles… make use of it, it’s a nice piano!


    Why did you pick EMS for your 6th form study?

    I came to the royal institution sessions when I was in year 9 and the summer school in year 10 and knew what a warm, welcoming environment the school was. I wanted somewhere I could push myself as a mathematician but that would also help me to develop as a person. Also, the links with Exeter College were amazing for me as I could do all the orchestras. Being able to take part in the music at Exeter College was amazing! Initially I thought I was going to do a maths degree but even though I’m now at music college I don’t regret going to EMS at all!


    What was the highlight of your time at EMS?

    The community. How amazing all the staff are and all the friendships I made! People were always willing to have a chat about anything. It’s such an amazing place.


    Do you have any advice for future applicants?

    Work hard but also allow yourself time to yourself to relax. Everyone gets imposter syndrome in high pressure environments where everyone is good at what you’re doing but the pressure is what you put on yourself. (It exists in music college too but I think being at EMS taught me how to handle it which has been really helpful!) Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you don’t understand something. Remember you’ve got into the school for a reason and you are meant to be there.

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