Jennie Hamilton


I have always tried not to let a single role define me, as we are all multi-faceted people with many different and equally important roles. However, I guess being a parent, a partner, a sister, daughter, friend, a teacher and a manager with Designated Safeguarding responsibility have been  pretty important in terms of the many roles I have taken on in my life.

I have worked at Exeter College for 25 years, having started as a part time teacher, working with young people with additional needs. My most recent post has been as the Head of Student Experience at Exeter College; a role I have held since 2014 and one which I have very much enjoyed. I have worked in safeguarding for many years and as a DDSL and DSL for about 12 years now. Safeguarding has been perhaps one of the most important roles I have ever held and I have learnt so much about personal resilience from this role.

I feel so fortunate to have worked in post 16 education and in particular at Exeter College, which has been a progressive and exciting place to work. I am passionate about Further Education and have seen the transformational impact it can have on people’s lives. I am still very excited by education and about wanting to give young people the best outcomes possible.

My own education was interesting, having gone from a small village school in East Leicestershire to the first purpose built comprehensive in the country, which was extremely innovative and progressive for its time. I then went to an FE college where I studied the first Drama and Theatre Arts A level course to be run in the country. After a year in Manchester studying to be an SEN teacher, I transferred (for love – of the county, the University and my future husband to be – not necessarily in that order) to Exeter University, where I completed a B ED Hons Degree.

In my own time, I love playing with my grandchildren, going to the theatre, reading, cycling and enjoying the beautiful county we are privileged to live in.

Triangle mountains