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  • Jude

    Joined EMS: 2021

    Former School: Colyton Grammar School

    School Type: 11 – 18 state school

    County: Devon

    Studied in addition to Maths and Further Maths: Physics

    Why did you pick EMS for your 6th form study?

    I knew there was a high quality of teaching and I wanted to be surrounded by people smarter than me. For the first time I’ve been challenged by maths, and being around people who are also good at maths pushes me more than I think I would have pushed myself at a non-maths school.

    What is your greatest achievement to date?

    Captaining this year’s College Basketball Academy 2nd Team. Its been really fun and challenging to lead the team and everyone gets along really well. So far we have 5 wins and 0 losses.

    What has been the highlight of your time at EMS?

    At the end of first year everyone went down to Exmouth for some celebrations and activities. My friends and I cycled there from Exeter and we found a really cool spot on the trail where we played football and frisbee, it was really fun.

    What has been your biggest surprise about EMS?

    How friendly the teachers are- there is so much support and  mutual respect.

    What is your ambition for the future?

    My aim is to do a degree in Astrophysics then go into research or the space exploration industry.

    Do you have any advice for future applicants?

    Do something extra in the first year- you’ll meet people at college and can find out whether other subjects interest you. I’d say it’s more difficult to start new subjects or activities in your final year.

    Triangle mountains