Lewis Day


Lewis is an alumnus of EMS completing his A-Levels with us in 2017, he returns to us now as a graduand of the University of Exeter with a BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Advanced Computer science, with which he is pursuing a career in software development. Lewis has worked with us before, on reception, at careers fairs, working with EMC students, and invigilating exams. He, therefore, has a solid understanding of the operational side of the school from many angles, with years of working with and for EMS, he is seeking now to take a more strategic view and bring all that experience to bear as a governor.

Lewis’s primary interests are archery and all things tech. Lewis served as the University of Exeter’s Head Coach for two years, having worked in other coaching roles before that (due to his lack of personal archery ability; those who can’t do…).

Triangle mountains