Royal Institution Celebration Event

Posted: 22 May 2015

On Saturday, 16th May our Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass was an open session for parents and families of the masterclass students. Forty, year 9 students representing 15 state secondary schools across the South West, were commended for their expertise in mathematics displayed during their attendance at the Exeter series of Royal Institution mathematics masterclasses.

The celebration event, held at Exeter University, was the culmination of six masterclasses held throughout the spring term, which introduced students to mathematical concepts and ideas that they wouldn’t have come across before, combining theory with hands-on and practical activities, covering such topics as: Infinity, Fibonacci and golden ratio and cryptography.

During the celebration event our masterclass students brought maths to life with presentations on what they have learnt during their Saturday morning sessions. Whilst the students were finalising (or putting together for the first time!) their presentations Ben Sparks entertained the audience – sparking a debate on the creation of number.

Finally, the session ended with a presentation of certificates to all masterclass students with sufficient attendance.

We are now looking forward to the follow up day, organised by Plymouth University. This whole day masterclass is for all students who attended the spring masterclasses in the Exeter, Plymouth and Truro groups, as well as students who did well on the UKMT Maths Challenge.



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