Year 6 Primary Poster Competition Winners 2020

Posted: 15 July 2020
We had around 20 posters from four schools in the South West. The judges really enjoyed discussing the merits of each poster and delighted so many took part despite the current situation.  The top three posters all came from one school, St Mary’s Church of England school Brixton.
This is what the judges have said about the wining poster: All the judges were impressed by the winning poster due to its clear presentation, and accurate explanation of exponential growth and decay, along with helpful diagrams.
Judges comments on the second place poster: The use of very relevant examples such as the “R” value demonstrated both accurate communication of mathematics and an appreciation of it’s applications.
This was the comment from from the judges for the third place poster: The judges appreciated the precise yet concise definition of exponential growth combined with a very interesting example of this trend which we hadn’t thought of before.

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