Primary Maths

Year 6 Poster Competition

Target Audience: All year 6 students from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Format: Students create an A3 poster on a theme selected by us. The posters are judged by EMS students and winners announced at the end of the summer term.

Aim: To get creative with maths.

How to get involved: Information is sent to all primary schools in our catchment area, timed perfectly to use post-SATS. Teachers can request to be added to our mailing list by emailing

Capacity: No limit at the moment!

The Year 6 Poster Competition makes a welcome return this year with the theme of Ancient Egyptian Fractions.

Schools can send as many entries as they like, with students entered as individuals or in teams of up to 4.

Full details of the competition are linked below, including helpful starting points. Participants are encouraged to explore the suggested avenues and whatever other avenues take their interest.

Invitation and Task

Entry Form

The deadline for entries is Monday 26th June.

Natural Occurrences of the Fibonacci Sequence was the theme for this year’s poster competition, leading to some eye-catching designs from our primary school competitors. We were as delighted as ever by the quality of design, research and mathematics on display; well done to everyone that took part.

Marks were awarded for mathematical content (50%), creativity (25%) and overall presentation (25%).  After much wrangling and careful analysis, the following posters emerged triumphant:

First Place: Finn, Molly, Mimi and Alex, Silverton CoE Primary School, Devon

Second Place: Amelia, Esme and Daisy, Ermington Primary School, Devon

Third Place: Isla, Evan, Sofia and Georgia, Trythall Community Primary School, Cornwall

The winning poster impressed with a combination of detailed research and unique ideas which were well combined to create an interesting poster.  The poster included a good range of links to the Fibonacci sequence, including art, fir cones, flowers, rabbits, spirals, cabbages and honeybees.

The second place poster scored highly for its combination of clear explanations and eye-catching design. The use of a tree and its branches was particularly appreciated for its uniqueness.

The judges appreciated the effort that the third place team had gone to in getting out in nature and taking photos of the plant they found that linked to the Fibonacci sequence.  The inclusion of the angle-o-tron also raised a smile.

Special Mention to:

Evie-Grace, Erin, Millie and Eben from Chumleigh Primary School in Devon who narrowly missed out on a place in the top three.  The judges appreciated the level of information contained in your poster in addition to its attractive design.


Molly from Flushing Primary School in Cornwall deserves particular congratulations for her artistry, illustrating the formula for the Golden Ratio.

Thank you to all the students who submitted a poster for consideration and thank you to the teachers that supported them to part.  We hope they enjoyed exploring this creative area of mathematics, we certainly loved reviewing their work.

Triangle mountains