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  • Kate

    Joined EMS: 2020

    Former School: Isca Academy

    School Type: 11 – 16 state school

    County: Devon

    Studied in addition to Maths and Further Maths: Physics and Computer Science

    What are your hobbies and interests?

    I like maths, singing, nature, learning interesting things, programming, reading, and writing fiction. I am a creative and logical person at the same time.


    Why did you pick EMS for your 6th form study?

    I joined EMS because I could learn lots of interesting things at the school, and I could develop my skills and maybe produce something useful. I also thought I would be surrounded with other people who enjoy maths and learning, which really enriches the environment. EMS has also helped me become more independent.


    What has been the highlight of your time at EMS?

    There have been so many opportunities I have come across already. I have participated in the Girls Olympiad, done the week-long ALD Hackathon, and been introduced to and promptly signed up for the National Cipher Challenge. And this is only in two months. (But if you’re going to do that, learn time management!)


    What has been your biggest surprise about EMS?

    The amount of social stuff that wasn’t directly maths. I expected everyone there would be extremely maths-focused people, and pretty much all discussions would focus around mathematics. Not true. People do enjoy maths, but there is a lot of conversation and socialising that doesn’t mention that sort of thing at all. I don’t understand half of what they’re saying personally, but I have never understood social stuff.

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